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Restructuring of PETROBRAS Petrochemical Portfolio

eptro90 90x65 Restructuring of PETROBRAS Petrochemical Portfolio

Petrobras, in compliance with the provision in the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários, or CVM) Rule No. 358, of January 3, 2002, announces that its Board of Directors approved today the restructuring of its petrochemical portfolio, and the subsequent merger of its wholly-owned subsidiaries Comperj Participações S.A., Comperj Estirênicos S.A., Comperj MEG S.A. and Comperj Poliolefinas S.A. The referred transactions will be submitted to a vote by shareholders in a Special Shareholders Meeting to be convened in due time.

IAF intercepts UAV in Israeli airspace

11261 90x65 IAF intercepts UAV in Israeli airspace

The unmanned aerial vehicle was succesfully brought down by an Israel Air Force fighter jet off the coast of the northern Israeli city of Haifa

Brazilian men’s micro swimwear

VA 90x65 Brazilian mens micro swimwear

For years Dilma’s Land ( Brazil ) has been the spawning ground for cutting-edge designs in men’s micro swimwear. Brazilian beaches are aswarm with hot bodies in tiny, form-fitting suits. Now They ‘re bringing the hotness of Brazilian men’s micro swimwear to the United States

Qantas and Emirates Welcome ACCC Decision on Partnership

bcd1d50aba6b822f282a329c2949f480 90x65 Qantas and Emirates Welcome ACCC Decision on Partnership

Qantas and Emirates have welcomed the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) approval of their partnership for a period of five years.

PETA to deliver thousands of kids ‘FREE MALI’ cards to President Aquino

President Aquino with Ambas 90x65 PETA  to deliver thousands of kids  FREE MALI cards to President Aquino

Manila — Thousands of students of all ages from schools in Metro Manila have made cards and written letters in support of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia’s campaign calling for Mali the elephant to be transferred from the Manila Zoo to a sanctuary. The drawings and handwritten appeals will be delivered […]

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

ludwig1 90x65 Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

The new Caring for our Country Sustainable Agriculture stream will promote sustainable food production, innovation, land management and a skilled community.

Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Joe Ludwig, released the Caring for our Country Sustainable Agriculture Strategic Directions document today while in Western Australia.

The Minister was visiting a grape grower in Belhus in the Swan Valley who received funds under the first phase of Caring for our Country. The funds were directed toward improving nutrient management and irrigation efficiencies, fostering an understanding of fertiliser use and leaching into the Swan River by landholders in the Perth region.

“Caring for our Country is a flagship program that is already delivering benefits to our rural communities,” Minister Ludwig said.

“I’m pleased to release the aims and directions of the new Caring for our Country Sustainable Agriculture Stream, which will help stakeholders and grant applicants benefit from the next phase of Caring for our Country.

“The new Caring for our Country Sustainable Agriculture stream is good news for farmers and land managers. It will also help community groups, regional natural resource management groups; Indigenous groups and industry bodies to undertake key natural resource management projects which make important contributions to sustainable farm and fisheries practices.

“Caring for our Country’s Sustainable Agriculture stream will continue to build on the Gillard Government’s legacy of protecting and conserving our biodiversity and promoting the adoption of sustainable farm practices.”

Minister Ludwig said the strategic aims of the program are to:
■promote sustainable production of food
■promote innovation in Australian agriculture and fisheries practices
■reduce the impact of weeds and pests on agriculture
■improve management of agriculture and fisheries
■foster a skilled and capable Landcare community.

“Over the long term, the Agriculture stream aims to achieve an environment that is healthier, better protected, well managed and resilient.”

Minister Ludwig said this will be achieved through a mix of investment approaches, including community grants, regional delivery and strategic investments.

“This is part of the Government’s 20–year vision for the future of agriculture where Australia’s agricultural lands support and maintain clean water, biodiversity and healthy soils, while continuously improving food and fibre productivity,” Minister Ludwig said.

Work is progressing on the second phase of Caring for our Country and further information on the program including grants rounds, funding allocations for regional delivery and regional Landcare facilitators will be announced shortly.

“Listen the rumbling of a free press to the silence of dictatorship graves”

dilmapresident 90x65 Listen the rumbling of a free press to the silence of dictatorship graves

“Even when there are excesses and they exist in all walks of life, it will always be preferable to listen the rumbling of a free press to the silence of dictatorship graves”, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has said.

According to her , “the anticorruption combat is the struggle for more and more democracy”.

Mensalão trial enters third month with no end in sight

Débora Zampier Reporter Agencia Brasil

Brasilia – The biggest judgment the Brazilian Supreme Court has ever dealt with began on August 2 and now, over 40 sessions later, continues with no end in sight. This is Penal Case 470, known as the mensalão, the big monthly allowance, in reference to more or less regular payments made to members of Congress by leaders of the PT so they would vote with the government during the 2003-2005 period. Originally 38 defendants were brought to trial facing charges of one or more counts of one or more of seven different crimes (one of those charged, the former minister of Social Communication in the Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva administration, was absolved in preliminary arguments by the public prosecution (“procurador-geral da República”)).

For the first time since the trial began there will be a break in the sessions this week because the justice-relator, Joaquim Barbosa, has traveled to Germany for medical treatment. He returns November 3. On November 5, the Chief Justice, Carlos Ayres Britto, will attend a conference (“Encontro Nacional do Judiciário, promovido pelo Conselho Nacional de Justiça”). Thus, the next session of the mensalão, the 43rd, will take place on Wednesday, November 7.

Because of the complexity of the case, it was divided into chapters. In the first chapter the court dealt with the charge that public funds from the Chamber of Deputies and the Banco do Brasil were used in the vote-buying scheme. Then, following chapters involving charges of bank fraud at the Banco Rural, money laundering, corruption in the ranks of government allies in Congress, conspiracy at high levels of the executive branch and illegal remittance of funds abroad were judged. Out of the 37 defendants, 25 were found guilty of various counts of various crimes by a majority of the justices.

The last phase of the trial began on October 23. This was the sentencing phase (“dosimetria”). The justice-relator, Barbosa, who has been herding the case along, intended to quickly end the sentencing phase through an informal agreement with the court in which the other justices would vote up or down on sentences decided by him, the relator, or by the justice-revisor, Ricardo Lewandowski, as they ruled on case chapters as a whole (“voto por grupo themático”). However, a majority of the court jettisoned that idea with the argument that there was a judicial principle that each defendant deserved to be dealt with individually in the sentencing phase (“princípio da individualização da pena”). As a result, Barbosa’s idea for a quickie sentencing phase was left behind and the justices began analyzing defendant by defendant, crime by crime. Since then, the sessions have been marked by misunderstandings among the justices, some mistakes by Barbosa in his sentencing and a general inability of the court to reach a consensus. The original idea of an up or down vote on votes by the relator or revisor also bit the dust as the rest of the justices presented individual opinions.

The result of all this was that the court took three days to sentence the first two defendants, Marco Valério and his partner, Ramon Hollerbach.

It is now considered impossible for the court to conclude the mensalão trial before November 14, when the Chief Justice, Carlos Ayres Britto, retires (he turns 70 and retirement at 70 is mandatory). Britto could write out his sentences before he leaves, but he is worried that they could be disregarded by the other justices, which is what has happened to sentences that former justice Cezar Peluso left when he retired in September.

In November, the new Chief Justice will be Joaquim Barbosa (he will serve as Chief Justice for two years and be succeeded by the next most senior justice who has not been Chief Justice, Ricardo Lewandowski).

During this final phase of the mensalão trial (besides the fact that it may not be all that final – see below), there is the very real possibility of justices revising and changing their votes. Among other things, there is a popular thesis on the court that various counts of the same crime can be seen as one crime (“continuidade delitiva”), an idea that definitely tends to favor the accused (“uma tese bastante favorável aos réus”).

And, of course, there is a rub: when the court concludes the trial, the case will not be over. The final decision has to br negotiated and published (“acordão”) – which can take months. Then, for the smart, well-paid defense lawyers, there still remain a couple of legal maneuvers: questions regarding unclear or confusing points in the decision (“embargos de declaração”) must be ruled on and there is the fact that Brazilian law may allow retrials of defendants found guilty in votes that were not unanimous (“embargos infringentes”).

Finally, there is the longstanding tradition of the Brazilian Supreme Court not to send anyone to jail until he or she has completely exhausted the appeal process (this is so strongly rooted in the court’s jurisprudence that it has a name: “garantism” – the meaning being that a fundamental right of all those accused is to have the court guarantee (protect) all their rights to due process).

Allen Bennett – translator/editor The News in English

Senator Kerry President Shimon Peres

peres keri 90x65 Senator Kerry President Shimon Peres

Israeli President Shimon Peres met with Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kerry, where the two discussed the latest developments in the Iranian nuclear issue, the changes in the Middle East and political relations between Israel and its neighbors and especially the peace process with the Palestinians.

Logitech Names Bracken P. Darrell President

darrell 90x65 Logitech Names Bracken P. Darrell President

FREMONT, Calif. & MORGES, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Logitech International (SIX: LOGN) (Nasdaq: LOGI) today announced that Whirlpool EMEA leader Bracken P. Darrell will join Logitech as president, effective April 9, 2012. Reporting to Guerrino De Luca, Logitech chairman and chief executive officer, Mr. Darrell will assume responsibility for research and development, sales and marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, IT, human resources and legal functions. The company’s finance organization and LifeSize division will continue to report to Mr. De Luca until January 1, 2013, at which time Mr. Darrell will succeed Mr. De Luca as chief executive officer.

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